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Parent View Questionnaire

Autumn Term 2016  DECEMBER RESULTS – 14 out of 25 parents replied (56%)

9. Can you make any comments about any positive changes in your son/daughter since joining Hardwick House?

  • My son is thriving at Hardwick House School.  He is happier, healthier, sleeping better and growing in confidence. He is becoming a lovely young aduly thanks to the support he receives here.

  • S is calmer and easier to manage. He recognises his achievements and is happy at the school.

  • His mental health has improved and he is enjoying school and life.

  • Calmer, happier, settled.

  • Happy!

  • Due to the bespoke education delivered at Hardwick, B has engaged in learning, having been out of school for three years previously.  He has gained in confidence and his anxiety has lessened.

  • Brilliant! Happy to go to school =Happy family.  He’s growing up into a happy positive young man.

  • H is now very happy to come to school. He is a lot less anxious.  H feels very comfortable at Hardwick House. He is now coming home and telling us about some of the things he has learnt and is retaining the information.

  • Making academic and social progress.  Calmer and more confident.

  • Having spent time out of school, he is back learning and happy!

  • B is improving year on year.  He is happy, becoming more confident and is improving academically and socially.  It’s so nice to get a great school report / parents evening year after year!

10.  Is there anything else that you would like us to know?

  • It has been an amazing transformation in our son.  He has gone from feeling worthless to feeling like there is now a purpose to life.

  • I truly believe Hardwick House has “saved” B.  They have managed to use B’s special interests to enable him to access education.

  • He doesn’t like the taxi.  Not your fault but thought I should mention it.

  • We can’t express enough how thrilled we are with H’s progress.  It is a huge weight off our shoulders to know he is happy at school and he has the chance to reach his full potential.  Thank you!!

  • My son has his smile back!

  • Thank you for all your help and support.

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