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Eat, Pray, Learn.

A truly multicultural experience was had by our Key Stage 3 learners over this past half term: with lessons about Hinduism, Judaism and Islam taking centre stage. Students learnt about the values and traditions of these different cultures and their diversity.

Colourful Rangoli invaded the school and offered a nice burst of colour and an insight into some of traditions of Hinduism. The purpose of them is to feel strength and generosity and bring good luck wherever they are; our students did a fantastic job bringing the luck to Hardwick.

The rich history of Judaism was explored and Dreidels were made (not out of clay, sadly) and spun and enjoyed: The symbols combine to make a phrase in ancient Hebrew. ‘A great miracle happened here’. It's no miracle, though, that our Dreidels turned out so well with such expert teaching and great enthusiasm and patience from our learners.

Students also let their creativity flow creating some Mandalas, a feature of both Islamic tradition and Buddhism. Let your eyes drift towards the centre, once you’re there, your troubles should have melted away.

Our KS2 learners approach everything with such enthusiasm and this was no different; it is so important to us at Hardwick to encourage tolerance and respect through knowledge and it’s always better to start early. Our students have engaged respectfully and openly to everything this term and it has been a very enriching experience for all.

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