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Preparation for Adulthood


In order for our children to be prepared and ready for adulthood, they need to develop the skills, attributes and qualifications needed for them to succeed. 

At each stage of their learning and development at Hardwick House School, we prepare children and young people for the new responsibilities, new experiences, new independence and the new risks of the next stage: from a Primary child learning to make choices about food and friends, to a young person in Key Stage 4 making choices about education, training or employment beyond school.


The curriculum and other planned activities across the school all contribute to building these essential skills.  Every child has weekly lessons in cooking and social communication. Community skills is a timetabled lesson in Primary, whilst community visits are regularly scheduled for our secondary learners too, including visits to places such as the library, local shops, cafés and restaurants, and leisure facilities such as the cinema or theatre. In addition, PE lessons take place in local community venues including the leisure centre and local climbing centre.


Our secondary children also have discreet timetabled lessons for PSHCEE and life skills.  These are essential for learning about issues such as health, relationships and sex education and personal finance, as well as practical skills such as doing the laundry, amongst others! 

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