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Please contact the school reception on 01509 218203 or if you have any questions about the school, the information on this page or would like copies of any of the school polices. Our postal address is 190 Forest Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 3HU.


School Prospectus


·       Please click here for our Admissions Policy

·       We currently have 40 learners

·       We are an independent special school

·       All admissions are done in consultation with the local authority in which the child resides.


Ofsted Inspection

As an Independent Special School we have been regularly inspected by Oftsed. Our last inspection, which was under the new framework, was in December 2019, and the school was found to be Good. Please click here for the inspection report. We had a further inspection on 6th July 2023. As of 21st December 2023 the school has moved to Independent School's Inspectorate (ISI).


The school’s well-organised curriculum is broad and balanced and meets regulatory requirements. The range of subjects offered is relevant to the needs of all learners and ensures that they are well motivated to learn. There is a strong emphasis on developing learners’ communication, reading, writing and mathematical skills. In addition, all learners follow programmes in science, technology, art and design, physical education at the local leisure centre, and a programme of personal, social and health education and citizenship.

Recent Academic Results

In August 2023, we were delighted to be able to share GCSE examination results with our older learners.  They worked incredibly hard and overcame many personal barriers, including the difficulties presented by COVID-19 over the previous years. All learners sat GCSE and GCSE equivalent qualifications. Click here to read our August 2022 exam results statement.

Our School Curriculum

  • Please see our Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4​ curriculum to find out more about the subjects that are taught.  

  • Our current Post-16 curriculum offer is a catch up GCSE opportunity for those pupils who join us in Key Stage 4 or 5 and have considerable gaps in learning.  There are currently no Post-16 learners.  

  • Further details about our curriculum can be found in our Curriculum Policy including Post-16 Education. Need hyperlink


We have a range of qualifications available to students built around the individuals needs and abilities. These include:

·       GCSE’s

·       Cambridge Nationals

·       AQA Level 1 & 2 Certificates, and FCSE Spanish

·       Functional English / Maths level 1 and 2

·       Entry Level Certificates

·       Wider Key Skills


Special Needs Education

Students at Hardwick House School have a EHCP detailing their individual learning requirements. Individual programmes incorporating education, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and counselling ensure their needs are met. The school also has both a Clinical and Educational Psychologist.

​Click here to see the School's Special Education Needs Statement

For a copy of Accessibility Plan, please contact the school office on 01509 218 203.

Charging and Remissions

As a non-maintained school, it is not a requirement for us to have a charging and remissions policy.


School ethos 

Our ethos supports effective learning, builds confidence and self-esteem. It reinforces our belief that Hardwick House is more than a school, it is a support network for young people and their families which focuses on raising aspirations and developing prospects for the future.


At the heart of Hardwick House School and Cavendish Education is a commitment to enabling all our students to thrive – when they are with us and after they leave us. 


All the activities on our curriculum aim to instil four core attributes;  we believe these are key contributors to student wellbeing and success.


  • Confidence, 

  • Competence,

  • Creativity, 

  • Character. 

How we embed our core attributes

Our logo is a flower that represents the blossoming of life and learning. Each petal takes the form of the letter C and represents one of the core qualities that we aim to instil in every student. These attributes provide a foundation for our curriculum. 


Confidence - Empowering students with confidence in their own abilities and worth is a crucial driver of the Cavendish curriculum. Our confidence model covers four elements: communication, independence, responsibility, self-awareness.

Competence - Our activities aim to develop proficiency socially, academically and emotionally. We define competence as having the tools to master different situations and scenarios, for example managing one’s emotions, knowing a topic inside-out, or being able to communicate feelings effectively.

Creativity - Recognising and nurturing our students’ innate creativity is a vital part of our approach. Building creative skills feature strongly in the curriculum, for example by supporting students to broaden their thinking so they recognise more than one solution to a given challenge. Another desirable outcome is the ability to capture and break down a broad creative concept into manageable blocks to help our students realise their creative visions.

Character - In addition to supporting students to thrive academically, we enable our students to flourish on a personal level. Understanding values such as morality, respect, leadership, perseverance, and empathy will help them succeed in the adult world. Other important life skills we embed include the ability to make informed decisions, teamworking and knowing the difference between right and wrong.

Proprietor's Information

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