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Run KS4, RUN!

In their infinite wisdom (with a sprinkle of suffering, all for a great charitable cause) our KS4 team took it upon themselves to take part in RED January this year. The principle is simple: each person runs every day, aiming to reach 100km over the course of a month, people sponsor them and all the proceeds go to the charity Sport In Mind.

Sport In Mind is a multi award winning mental health charity whose aim is to "improve the lives of people experiencing mental health problems through sport and physical activity".

They deliver physical activities in partnership with the NHS to aid recovery, promote mental and physical well-being, combat social isolation and empower people to move their lives in a positive direction.

They are a fantastic charity that promotes discussion about mental health through sport activities for inpatients and for people living with Mental Health issues. Clearly they were worthy of our staff’s knee joints!

So with a modest goal of £200 to raise, our valiant staff began pounding the pavement.

Two things became clear instantly:

1) It hurts. So. Much.

2)The goal was way too low.

Through the pain of cramping calves, swollen knees and hamstrings tighter than our maths teacher‘s wallet, our staff stomped stubbornly to victory and beyond!

The final total raised was 814% higher than the goal: a massive group effort earned £1649 to give to Sport In Mind.

A massive congratulations to all involved; who smiled through the hard miles and supported each other to their well deserved success!!!

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