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Christmas Creativity in KS3

The days are short, the mornings are dark; but in Hardwick a flicker of cheer glows in the frosty air.

The hard part of the term is done, assessments completed, and staff and students alike start to look longingly toward the holidays. This is certainly not the time to start learning algebra, or study the seventy-six sonnets of Shakespeare. Instead it’s a time to make wreaths, hang tinsel and make Gonks (whatever they are).

Santa has tried to come and visit our year 7’s, we think he’s gotten a tad stuck though. Maybe he came to see our festive stained glass.

Our year 8’s have taken advantage of our disused fireplaces and lit a health and safety friendly fire to keep the place warm.

We have had an increase in the number of girls studying with us this year and they gather together every Friday: the task today is to turn socks and felt into these charming little fellows; you guessed it...these are Gonks (apparently).

We haven’t had the snow yet, but flakes adorn the year 9’s window overseen by the snowman, Jeff.

And, under Jeffs supervision, our students make some festie minty treats to take home to the family because what is Christmas if not a time to eat literally all of the food.

It's been a strange year, and now seems like an appropriate time to mention how incredibly resilient and hardworking all of our students have been during the pandemic. Both staff and students have pulled together, looked after each other and done it all with a smile, all for the cause of education and well-being. As this is written, it is looking promising that 2021 will hopefully bring us back to normality and so, with that to look forward to, we at Hardwick wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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