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Cooking during COVID

It’s life, but not quite as we know it.

The world may have slowed down a touch this year but here at Hardwick things continue as normal...mostly.

Our year 11’s have a food GCSE to do and so our intrepid Food teacher, Bev, dons a near-nuclear amount of PPE before deep cleaning the kitchen ready for a busy day of chopping, sauteing, roasting and baking.

The students work to a brief of their choice and so as all manner of meat, vegetables, fruits and roots get treated in all manner of ways, a small feast is steadily assembled by our diligent and enthusiastic students as they practice their expert cookery skills.

Bev's watchful eye stays on the lookout for correct knife technique and over-boiling pots, but there is no need to worry: these guys are on it. As they work, they are quizzed on the benefit of different food groups: proteins, fats and fibres are all covered and revised, ensuring their knowledge is as fresh as the food in the pan.

The final 'job' of the day is the arduous taste-testing: how cruel you are Bev! The students give each other feedback on seasoning, taste and texture before notes are made in preparation for next lesson and the kitchen is spotlessly cleaned once more.

Our last batch of year 11's produced some fantastic results in cooking, as well as feeling just that little bit more prepared for the wider world, and our current year are well on their way to follow in their footsteps. No student of Hardwick will live on Pot Noodle!

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