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Curriculum Overview


Hardwick House School is an independent special school which provides a broad and balanced curriculum for learners in Key Stage 2 through to Post-16 Education, who hold an Education, Health & Care Plan for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Learners at the school represent the full autism spectrum with a wide range of needs and abilities. 


The nature of learners with autism can create an uneven academic profile both within the individual young person and within the year groups. Additionally, heightened anxiety and school refusal are frequent traits within our learner community, many of whom have experienced lengthy periods out of school and/or had a history of multiple school placements. This presents particular demands to ensure that each learner has the opportunity to achieve their full potential in all areas of the curriculum. 


Accordingly, Hardwick House School offers a differentiated curriculum that meets the range of different ages, aptitudes, needs and interests of the learners. This is permeated with a specialised autism-specific curriculum and delivered within an ethos of empathy, understanding, and structure. 

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