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“Where will my child go after Hardwick House School?”

This is a question that we get asked a lot!  It is also one that we ask at every Annual Review, whether it is for a child in Year 3 or a child approaching Post-16.  It may seem a little strange, particularly if a family has only just joined us, however having a clear plan of transition is our commitment to each child’s future.

At Annual Review, we always discuss career aspirations and hopes, as well as the estimated leaving date from the school.  We understand that these career aspirations are not always firm plans, particularly for our youngest children, however it is really useful to start these conversations from an early stage.


At the Year 9 Annual Review, we complete a Transition Plan and discuss possible colleges, schools or placements for families to visit.  By the Year 10 Annual Review, parents will have already begun their research, and the school supports in this process by accompanying parents and children on visits where appropriate.  Hopefully by the end of Year 10, a potential placement has been chosen. We then invite the potential placement and the Local Authority to the Year 11 Annual Review that is held in September or October.  Finally, throughout the remainder of Year 11, we arrange transition visits and taster days to the new setting.


If you would like to discuss transition further, please do not hesitate in speaking to us – we are always happy to help!


Settings where Hardwick House children have transitioned to include:


·      Rawlins Academy (Mainstream school in Quorn with Sixth Form and an autism unit)

·      Hinckley Academy (Mainstream school in Hinckley with Sixth Form and an autism unit)

·      Gateway College (Mainstream Sixth Form in Leicester)

·      Brooksby Melton College (Mainstream FE College)

·      Loughborough College (Mainstream FE College)

·      Leicester College (Mainstream FE College)

·      North Warwickshire and Hinckley College (Mainstream FE College)

·      Holmefield College (Specialist Independent College in Mountsorrel and Sileby)

·      Landmarks College (Specialist Independent College in West Bridgford)


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