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Spotlight on: Chris Sykes

It’s a crisp Winter morning as Chris arrives in our leafy part of Loughborough.

Unloading a bag of straw and various odd ends of vegetables from the boot of his Mini, he heads over to our outdoor learning area.

‘The first job of the day is always the animals, the rabbits (Bear and Dave) get the veg, then the Degu’s, the fish, the chickens and Guinea Pigs.’

Animals fed and watered, Chris heads off to his tutor group in our Key Stage 3 Bubble to greet them at the door and settle them in with a class game of Boggle. The best word of the day is 'average' spotted by one of our year 9's.

Next up it’s lesson time; Chris is one of our Art and Design teachers as well as being in charge of DT and Outdoor Learning which makes for a very flexible lesson. Some students choose to go outside to make pumpkin soup around the campfire, whilst others stay in the warm and design their own monsters with assistance from our fabulous LSA’s.

Several Art lessons and campfires later (and plenty of pumpkins eaten), it’s nearly time to go home (sadly). Chris checks in with his tutees to make sure they’ve had a good day’s learning, before sending them off home.

Shortly after that it’s Chris’ turn to leave, but not before saying 'Goodnight' to the chickens.

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