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Positivity, community, and support for one another!

The heart-warming support that has been shared during the past few weeks really does show what a fantastic community Hardwick House School is, and we thank everyone for being a part of it.

The coronavirus pandemic has emerged rapidly; changing our daily lives, our routines, and most recently the way we approach education. This is a very difficult adjustment, and there will be many ups and downs. Maintaining the good health and wellbeing of everyone is a priority.

Our staff have mostly been working remotely but they are continuing to provide work to students in a variety of formats to support their continued education where possible. We’re so proud of our learners for even being able to make the smallest of steps during this time.

Hearing stories and seeing photographs about how our students have been helping their families at home, including grocery shopping, preparing food, dog walks, animal care, and projects around the house are fantastic to hear and see!

All of our school animals are being safely cared for.

One of our kind students has provided the Guinea Pigs with a new temporary home where they’re receiving lots of cuddles and attention!

Bear and Dave have set up home in Bev’s garden; in a pen opposite her own rabbits, they’re pen-pals!

Monty and Oscar are having a break at home, but they’re definitely missing the school lunch time.

Keep an eye out for further updates!

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