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Around the World in 80 Minutes!

The theme for this year's successful World Book Day 2020 was 'Around the World in 80 Minutes', inspired by the 1872 adventure novel Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne. It saw each classroom becoming a country, and the students 'travelled' around to the different countries experiencing ten minutes in each one.

During their time in each room, students were given the opportunity to make and/or taste food from that country, listen to music, read or listen to a literary text inspired by or written about that country, and complete a sensory activity!

The countries and activities were as follows:

India - Rudyard Kiplings' classic The Jungle Book.

Activities: Bollywood music, vibrant and jeweled clothing, homemade chicken and vegetarian samosas with a raita dip, and creating a 3D tiger from twigs, branches and leaves

Italy - Shakespeare's tragedy Romeo and Juliet

Activities: Making bruschetta

Mexico - Disney's Coco

Activities: Extracts read in English and Spanish by Bev and Emi, tasting nachos.

Dominican Republic - This Pirates of the Caribbean

Activities: trying 'Caribbean Punch' (a tasty fruit juice drink), using their fine motor skills to cut, glue and put together their own treasure chests, hearing stories first-hand about life in the Domincian Republic, and tasting coconut biscuits.

France - The Gruffalo

Activities: translating words from the book in French to English, trying pain au chocolat and brie (not together!)

Japan – a book breaking down Japanese characters and introducing them to words in Japanese.

Activities: KS2 was a space of zen with sensory activities including picking up small items with chopsticks and dressing up as a traditional Geisha. Items were sourced by KS2 learners during their weekly Community Skills lesson.

Canada – The Call of the Wild

Activities: Outside around the open fire making ‘beans and bacon’, tasting crumpets with maple syrup, and experiencing the cold conditions with warm food, replicating conditions in the Yukon.


Activities: Learner friendly Sangria, tasting olives and chorizo, discussing Spanish culture, translating words though board games and a focus on communication.

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