General Post-16 Info

Our current post-16 students are split between our two Key Stage 4 tutor groups after consideration of academic and character to ensure that each pupil has the best chance to reach their potential.  They will remain with these classes for their core curriculum but may merge for their choices and for enrichment periods.  During unstructured times of the day, our post-16 pupils have access to their tutor room away from the other students in the school.  This is to allow them time for relaxation and also offers them more independence.  


The students follow a core curriculum, delivered by subject specialists, of Maths, English, Biology, PSHE, ICT and Design Technology with the option of choosing Physics, Animal Care, Hospitality or Construction for their options.  The aim is to gain as many GCSEs and equivalent qualifications during their time with us, as well as preparing for life after school.  This will involve college visits and applications, college transitions, careers advice and independent life skills, including travel training.


Our key aim for our post-16 students is to ready them for the next stage of their lives and this is reflected in all the work we do with them.


Post-16 Biology

Our pupils have been continuing to work through their OCR GCSE programme as they prepare to take their exams this summer.  They have been working hard in a range of practical and theory lessons on a wide range of topics including animal adaptations, sustainability and Staying Healthy.  All pupils have also been working hard to complete their coursework, which this year has been based on the topic of Osmosis.  As pupils begin to make their final preparations for their exams they will be studying Microorganisms and the Human Body.


Post-16 Physics

GCSE Physics has been a new addition to the curriculum this year and is proving to be very successful for our older pupils.  We are looking to build on their prior knowledge and have been working through topics such as Energy, Exploring our Solar System and Forces.  This has been taught using a mixture of practical and theoretical lessons that the pupils are engaging excellently with.  The pupils have worked especially hard on their coursework, which this year has been on the topics of braking and momentum in cars.  The pupils will now continue working through the GCSE specification and will be looking forward to topics including Radioactivity, Uses of Waves and Optics.

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