Our Mission Statement

Raising Aspirations for Tomorrow

Hardwick House is more than a school it is a support network for young people and their families which focuses on raising aspirations and developing prospects for the future.

Through personalisation Hardwick House School aspires to promote independence by developing a young person’s understanding of themselves and the world around them.  We will work together to create a unique environment, with a flexible approach to learning that promotes personal growth and development both as an individual and a citizen of a wider community.


Hardwick House School has 4 core aims for our young people;

  1. To develop a young person’s ability to foster positive relationships.

  2. To develop a young person’s independent life and living skills.

  3. To develop a young person’s ability to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. 

  4. To develop a young person’s employment prospects.

To achieve the school's aims the curriculum at Hardwick House School is person centred. It is designed in partnership with the young person and their families in order to identify and address barriers which prevent them from leading full and active lives. Priorities identified in a young person’s ‘Person Centred Plan’ are developed into Personalised Pathways that focus on the holistic development of the young person, supporting them to make subtle changes in their lives that will make a difference in their world.


Hardwick House School is committed to working in close partnership with its students and their families to ensure that the core vision and aims are met. To achieve this we ask our staff, students and their families to commit to the following values;


Trust that decisions being made are in the best interests of all concerned.  


Respect yourself, those around you and the school environment.


Be part of the process; work together to maximise everybody’s potential.

Success comes from clarity of purpose and successful collaboration. We ask all members of the school community to take responsibility for knowing the school’s visions and aim and take an active role in everyday decision making process that supports the direction of the school.



 ‘All pupils are entitled to a broad and relevant curriculum’


Students at Hardwick House School all have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder or face similar challenges and as such have specific learning needs and styles. The personalised curriculum at Hardwick House School has been designed to insure that students have every opportunity to successfully access a curriculum that relevant and meaningful.


The Hardwick House School curriculum has a clear focus on holistic development and significant focus on developing young people’s abilities in all areas of learning:


We wish for the following outcomes for all our students at Hardwick House School.


To be:

  • Effective communicator

  • Independent

  • Emotionally resilient and healthy

  • Employable


Non Partisan & Political Views

Hardwick House School is committed to developing an ethos and learning environment which is Non Partisan. Where Political issues are brought to the attention of students the school will take every reasonable and practical step to ensure that a balanced presentation of opposing views are offered.

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