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Please contact Roxy Morrow on 01509 218203 or if you have any questions about the school, the information on this page or would like copies of any of the school polices. Our postal address is 190 Forest Road Loughborough, Leics, LE11 3HU


School Prospectus


  • Admissions policy

  • We currently have 28 students

  • We are a non-maintained Special school

Ofsted Inspection

The school’s well-organised curriculum is broad and balanced, and meets regulatory requirements. The range of subjects offered is relevant to the needs of all pupils and ensures that they are well motivated to learn. There is a strong emphasis on developing pupils’ communication, reading, writing and mathematical skills. In addition, all pupils follow topics in science, technology, creativity, physical education at the local leisure centre, and a programme of personal, social and health education and citizenship.

Recent Academic Results

In August, we were delighted to be able to share GCSE examination results with our older learners.  They worked incredibly hard and overcame many personal barriers, achieving the best set of results seen at Hardwick House School!  All learners sat GCSE and GCSE equivalent qualifications, with 89% gaining a minimum of 5 qualifications.


Year 11 learners attained an average of 7.7 GCSE or equivalent qualifications each with 83% gaining 5 A*-G grades.

Post-16 learners attained 100% 5 A*-G grades, 66% 5 A*-C grades including English and Maths GCSE and 100% 5 Level 2 qualifications including Functional English and Maths.


It was also fantastic to see two learners achieve the new grade 8 in their English Language.  Grade 8 sits roughly between the old A and A* grade; so this is phenomenal! 


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Our School Curriculum

 We have a range of qualifications available to students built around the individuals needs and abilities. These include:

  • GCSEs (Maths, English, Science, Physical Education, Design Technology,)

  • BTEC Qualification

  • AQA Awards

  • ASDAN Awards

  • CoPE

  • Functional English / Maths level 1 and 2

  • Entry Level Spanish

  • Wider Key Skills


Behavioural Policy

  • School's Behaviour Policy

  • Physical intervention

  • Discipline & Exclusion Policy

  • School Complaints Procedure

Special Needs Education

Students at Hardwick House School have a EHCP detailing their individual learning requirements. Individual programmes incorporating education, speech / language therapy and counselling ensure their needs are met.

Copy of the School's Special Education Needs Statement

For a copy of Accessibility Policy, please contact the school office on 01509 218 203.

Charging and Remissions

As a non-maintained school, it is not a requirement for us to have a charging and remissions policy.


School ethos and values

Our ethos supports effective learning, builds confidence and self-esteem. It reinforces our belief that Hardwick House is more than a school, it is a support network for young people and their families which focuses on raising aspirations and developing prospects for the future.

Hardwick House School has four core aims:

  • To develop a young person’s ability to foster positive relationships.

  • To develop a young person’s independent life and living skills.

  • To develop a young person’s ability to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

  • To develop a young person’s employment prospects.

To achieve the school's aims, the curriculum at Hardwick House School is person centred. It is designed in partnership with the young person and their families in order to identify and address barriers which prevent them from leading full and active lives. Using 'one page profiles', Personalised Pathways are developed that focus on the holistic development of the young person, helping to support them.


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