Hardwick House School Curriculum Overview

At Hardwick House School, we want learning to be both challenging and fun!


Learners follow a broad curriculum and below you will get a small flavour of the exciting things that are available to our children and young people. In addition, each class or Key Stage would like to share with you what they are currently studying.  Please do take the time to explore the pages; and please do not hesitate in contacting us for any further information. 


A copy of our Curriculum Policy can be found here.


Social Communication:   

Social Communication is delivered as a discrete lesson to our Key Stage 2 and 3 learners.  The sessions are planned and delivered in conjunction with our Speech and Language Therapist.  The focus on these sessions is to facilitate communication in both verbal behaviour (speech or spoken language) and non-verbal behaviour (eye gaze, facial expression and gestures). The groups follow a structured programmed to help them to express feelings, share ideas and experiences and to solve problems, big or small. Each week the session ends on a game to help reinforce the skills we need to communicate socially; learning to take turns, focusing on our listening and interaction skills, respecting others opinions, winning and losing. 



Maths is taught as a discrete subject across all Key Stages and culminates in Key Stage 4 where the final aim is to work towards a range of qualifications including Entry Level Certificate, Functional Skills and GCSE. 

Learners follow the six key areas of study (Number, Algebra, Ratio, Proportion and Rates of Change, Geometry & Measures, Probability and Statistics).  Our learners have on average four lessons per week and move steadily through the topic areas with an aim towards mastering the mathematical knowledge and then on to application in real world and examination and test style problems.

Lessons are varied in style, aiming to suit the learning needs of the individual and use both independent and group tasks to encourage problem solving and social communication where appropriate.



Learners at Hardwick House School enjoy English and all have discrete lessons that cover both English Language and English Literature.

World War One is a popular theme across the secondary section and learners particularly enjoy the books War Horse and Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo. Throughout the school, learners working toward building their reading, writing and comprehension skills and learn to focus on and analyse fictional characters. 


Art and Design:

In Key Stage 2, Art and Design is delivered within term long cross-curricular Topics.

In Key Stage 3, Learners have discrete lessons where the focus of the projects is to develop the learner’s skills and understanding of material processing towards a 2D or 3D outcome.  Art lessons look to follow the work of a particular artist of choice for a term and experiment with a range of media to create work pieces inspired by the style of the studied work.  Technology lessons look to target the practical opportunities offered by the resistant materials on offer, developing use of tools and machinery whilst creating quality products, including the incorporation of electronics and surface coat detailing.

In Key Stage 4, learners follow a two-year GCSE course in Resistant Materials where learners look to utilise skills learnt in KS3 to complete two coursework assignments, each with a requirement to produce a product of notable quality.  Year 10 sees the creation of a trophy, designed following a research investigation of the current market trends and moving on to the production of a high quality prototype model which is then scrutinised by the public eye to gain feedback and critique.  Year 11 looks towards the production of a more personalised product based around individual interests with a wide range of final designs to date from chocolate fridges to seating arrangements for the home.  The course finishes with an examination which looks to test the student’s learned knowledge of tools and materials and with marks already secured in the coursework assignments this acts as an opportunity to target the higher grades.



Food and cookery is very popular with all Hardwick learners! 

Food and Nutrition lessons are offered across all Key Stages with students following a structured recipe each week, alternating between a sweet and savoury focus.  Whilst the outcomes offer the opportunity for some delicious take home treats, it is the personal development and learning that is considered a key priority through the weekly activities with life skills in abundance and the opportunity to work alongside peers and try new and interesting sensory experiences along the way.  Although not targeted as an automatic examined subject entry, GCSE Hospitality is an option which is available for those wishing to develop their culinary practice further and something which can be worked on based on individual skill progression and quality.  Food lessons are very much enjoyed by students across the school and new recipe suggestions are always welcomed, dependent upon time available!


Wider Key Skills:

In Key Stage 3, our learners all work towards the three ASDAN Wider Key Skills of Working with Others, Improving own Learning and Problem Solving.  These qualifications are the equivalent to GCSE level study, so no mean feat!

Throughout Key Stage 3, learners complete a number of cross-curricular projects to build skills.  Past and current projects include:

  • Landscaping and building a pond and wildlife area

  • Learning to ride a bicycle and bicycle maintenance.

  • First Aid

  • Healthy Eating and cooking on a budget

  • Independent Living Skills

  • Textiles and sewing projects

  • Learning a new sporting skill

Vocational Centre

Hardwick House School has opened a new Vocational Centre in Loughborough


Hardwick House School have started a new and exciting venture in the heart of the Loughborough community.

A Vocational skills Centre has been established by the school on the Bishop Meadow Industrial Estate. The Centre aims to provide construction training to young people, building on the core values of our School. 

Although only opened in January it is already proving a hit with the students who are attending and is providing valuable skills to help them for the future. 

At the Centre, students will learn valuable skills in:

  • Carpentry

  • Painting and Decorating

  • Brickwork

  • Plastering​

Students will also have the opportunity to design and construct items to take home in addition to learning all about the construction industry and the careers available.

Animal Care

Animal Care activities take place within the grounds of Hardwick House School and local farmyard environments and aims to develop self-confidence, resilience and self-reliance.


Student have the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills associated with the animal care industry whilst developing social skills, empathy and the ability to foster positive relationships.

Outdoor Education

At Hardwick House School we have a number of animals that the students access either as part of their animal care lessons, outdoor education sessions or as an intervention that helps them access their daily timetable.

Animal Assisted Intervention is a little known topic outside of the specialists who work in the area – in future editions of the newsletter I will be introducing you to the methods of intervention and the animals we use here at Hardwick House School.

At Hardwick House School we have 4 Degus who live in their specially designed burrow – Degus are small rodents native to the Andes in Peru and Chile, they live up to 8 years old and like to live in large family groups.

Degus make amazing pets and can be trained easily, they like to be around humans and can be tamed and taught to eat from the hand.

Deirdre, Delores, Daisy & Dora are all sisters – they live in their Burrow that has been designed as best as possible to replicate their natural habitat. Degus like to live in rock piles and create their own tunnels in the soil.

The Degu Burrow at Hardwick House School has been designed to allow students the opportunity to enter the burrow with the Degus, this means that both the Degus and the students are safely contained in a suitable environment to support both the students if in crisis – and the Degus, the students receive the therapeutic effects provided by the presence of the animals whilst being in a safe environment in which to calm and reflect.



Students have started work on the OCR Resistant Materials course, looking to achieve the qualification in a year by coupling the practical work done in Forestry lessons together with the necessary written and design elements in the classroom environment.  With high quality products in the advanced stages of development already, the signs are good for end of year results and the opportunity to develop and create a worthwhile piece of furniture as well is a bonus.



Students have been given freedom of expression in this one lesson per week with some really very good results showing out, both through accidental production and calculated artistry.  Whilst developing a greater understanding of the media potential in the artist movements, strength areas have been used to good effect to create some striking artwork which is now displayed proudly across the school walls.  Inspiration is taken from a variety of artists, yet still with a focus on personal expression in mind at all times.

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