CV-19 Contingency

Current Status: Hardwick House School remains open through remote learning and onsite childcare for our vulnerable learners with Key Worker parents.

Information for parents/carers:

Please click here to see how Hardwick House School is continuing to deliver the very best education possible during these unsettling times. We are responding positively to the Secretary of State's request to us to keep our schools open for children of key workers and for vulnerable children from Monday 23rd March 2020. 

Our overriding responsibility is to keep our community safe, while maintaining appropriate care, support and education to our students in the best way we can. This is a time that will require a great deal of mutual collaboration as we endeavour to support one another as practically and safely as we can. We are very grateful to all our staff and all our families.


So what next?


The school will be open from Monday 23rd March 2020 to the end of term. To achieve this, we shall adapt our curriculum delivery in numerous ways, including Remote Learning. Remote Learning will be available for all students from Monday 23rd March 2020. Students will receive work from their subject leaders in both digital and physical form. The students Tutor will check in with you every morning.


This will go live for those students that are self isolating or not at school from Monday 23rd March 2020. Students will be able to access a range of different lessons and learning materials as outlined in the Remote Education Plan (sent to parents) and summarised below. We have been preparing the students for this.  

In school we aim to provide a rota’ed supervisory staff team (not a fixed team, and not necessarily your child’s usual team of staff) to oversee individual students who request to attend during school hours from Monday onwards. As directed by the Secretary of State, this staffing provision will be care, not primarily education-led, and will be focused on ensuring that we can support families who are providing national critical functions. Students that are in school will be doing the same work as those who are working at home.  Given that we are a small school with almost only one of each subject teacher, we will not be able to run lessons in the classroom in the usual way. We are nevertheless doing all we can to adapt our way of working to continue a meaningful learning experience for as many young people as possible. 

The main contact person for each student for their remote learning is their Form Tutor (unless they are sick). If you have any questions, you should get in touch with them in the first instance.

Information for external visitors:

We are following government advice in order to keep our community safe and as such we are unable to offer visits or tours of the School at the present time, however we still welcome enquiries. Please email us at in order to discuss your child's education further and keep up to date with regards to future tours and visits.

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