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CV-19 Contingency

​Current Status: Hardwick House School continues to work closely with parents and Local Authorities, providing blended learning to meet individual needs safely.


Information for parents/carers:

Hardwick House School is working flexibly to support students to access onsite and remote education, respecting parents’ preferences where possible and minimising transmission of the virus in line with our risk assessment. We appreciate that many of our students are experiencing increased anxiety on account of the pandemic so it is even more important than ever that we work closely with parents and young people to meet their individual needs.


Further information about measures we are taking onsite to support student and staff safety has been circulated to parents. This includes our onsite asymptomatic testing procedures as well as describing arrangements for arriving/leaving, breaks and lunches, and lessons. We are proud of how well students coped with the additional safety measures last term and we will continue to support them to understand and adapt to new ones such as voluntary asymptomatic testing for staff and secondary-aged students.


Our Remote Education Policy is also available on our website here. It explains how we provide five hours for secondary and four hours for primary, of educational activities remotely and describes some of the steps we are taking to reduce social isolation in young people who are learning at home. We work flexibly and personalise our provision in line with what we know about what works for our students and what parents tell us. 


We do provide school devices for young people who need to access remote education. Please contact us as a matter of urgency if your child needs to access remote education but does not have a laptop or chromebook with the school’s safeguarding software installed.

Our overriding responsibility is to keep our community safe, while maintaining appropriate care, support and education to our students in the best way we can. This is a time that will require a great deal of mutual collaboration as we endeavour to support one another as practically and safely as we can. We are very grateful to all our staff and all our families.

Information for external visitors:

We are following government advice in order to keep our community safe. We look forward to recommencing visits and tours of the School when the National Lockdown restrictions lift. All visitors will need to adhere to our strict health and safety guidelines, which includes asymptomatic CV-19 testing upon arrival, 2m social distancing, and the wearing of a face mask indoors to keep the members of our school community safe. Please note, the guidance will be reviewed and arranged visits may need to be cancelled at short notice. 

We continue to welcome families for virtual tours with us during the school day. Please email us at in order to discuss your child's education further and keep up to date with regards to future tours and visits of the site.

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