About Us

Hardwick House School is an independent specialist provision located in the university town of Loughborough which caters for children and young people with a diagnosis and an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).


The philosophy of Hardwick House School is to put the needs of its learners first. The teaching approach is learner-centered and, although access to the National Curriculum is in place, we believe its principal focus should be on the special learning difficulties associated with autism.


Hardwick House School aims to:

  1. create a caring environment where learners enjoy a happy and rewarding experience.

  2. value all learners equally and educate each learner to his or her maximum potential. This includes supporting each individual in their strategies for coping with the barriers resulting from their ASD diagnosis.

  3. offer learners a curriculum that is broad, balanced and relevant to their needs and those of society, developing the skills required for an independent adulthood, further and/or higher education and the world of work.

  4. foster excellence in both academic study and personal standards, showing courtesy to others at all times.

  5. continuously reassess the aims and objectives of the school with a view to a constant refinement and improvement of the quality of education provided.

  6. create opportunities for learners to take part in school service in order to help others and give back to the school community.


Our location provides a unique environment, which promotes the growth and development of the young people in our care, whilst facilitating their development as individuals and as part of a community.

Our Curriculum

At Hardwick House School, we want learning to be both challenging and fun!


Learners follow a broad curriculum and below you will get a small flavour of the exciting things that are available to our children and young people. In addition, each class or Key Stage would like to share with you what they are currently studying. 


Please do take the time to explore the pages; and please do not hesitate in contacting us for any further information.

Hardwick House Code of Expectations


Kind Words

Kind Actions

Kind Reactions

Right place - Right time

Right choices

Right strategy for me



Be Brilliant

Be a Role Model

Be the best of yourself

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